Imagine a small team of dedicated volunteers coming to the Mission to bless the poor by helping prepare and serve a meal for about 50-75 people, leading worship songs, and sharing life-changing Scriptures to those who come to our daily supper/chapel services!


Indeed, this could be your small group – stepping outside the four walls of the church to serve those in need! This is an awesome opportunity to identify, disciple, and deploy people from your congregation and to put faith into action! 


We know that God will bless the offering of your time and talent to His glorious Kingdom work!

If you are interested, please email us at volunteer.ngrm@gmail.com, or call the Mission for more details at (716) 205-8805.

Evening Chapel Service





Click to download 3S info 

Action Steps:


- ASSEMBLE A TEAM: Ideal group size is 5-8 people…This could be a small group from your church, your youth group, or simply you and some friends.


- CONTACT THE MISSION: Call or email the Mission to select an available date and to get more information. (See contact info at bottom)


- PLAN THE NIGHT: Coordinate with your team to figure out who will be doing the message and the music and who will be preparing each item for dinner.** All meals must be prepared in the mission kitchen.


- COME AND SERVE: Your team should come to the mission at 5:00 PM (or sooner if necessary for food prep) on the night chosen. There will be a time of prayer and then the night of ministry will begin!


**If there is an element of 3S, either the song, scripture, or serve that your group is unable to cover, let us know so we can help you out.